Aida Camp is home to more than 5,000 Palestinian refugees, spanning four generations. The coronavirus outbreak has caused the unemployment rate in the camp to skyrocket to more than 80%.

Before COVID-19, most of the 600 families in the camp were already living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to break out of generations of cyclical poverty. Whatever little savings people did have, have now run dry.

Some people can’t even afford to buy a packet of bread, which costs just over $1. Others are rationing their meals, and new parents are going hungry so they can buy diapers and formula for their babies. Patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes fear they may have to ration their insulin. Children are not going to schools and they don’t have means to have online classes.

The people of Aida Camp need your help. We are launching an emergency call to cover the costs of essentials like food, medications, and personal hygiene products for the residents of the camp and for the education project that run by Aida youth center that serve more than 100 children between (6-10) years after the schools shut down.


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