Project Overview


Education / Society

We created this program to help children who have problems in school and do not have good achievements. These targeted students are aged from 10 to 15.

This project has been created because no similar program exists in the UN schools. Many program have been dropped in these schools and this is why we initiated it, as there is a serious need for it for this age group.

The crowded classrooms in the UN classes is another reason why we initiated it. There are 45 students in a UN class and there is no time for the teachers to help weaker children. We started working with these kids in January 2018 and there are 14 students targeted in this program, aged from 6 to 10, with daily attendance.

There is one teacher and one social worker for this project, who are skilled professionals and must hold a bachelor degree. They encourage academic achievements and promote the development of social and psychological aspects. There are 2 classrooms and a big hall for activities available for this initiative.

However, this activity is facing a significant lack of funding, as we want to extend it to have more teachers and more students enrolling.